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About Us

About us

Blood brothers, best friends, pals from the band. They have always been passionate and not afraid to experiment. They played football, danced, and sold many tulips. They found true passion in the music which has opened their horizons. For years they have been looking for a way to harness their demons. Now they are not afraid to say what they want and achieve that. They already know their style can be put in two words – Deer Scarlet.


photoshoot deer scarlet przemek with the guitar

Visionary, strategist, extrovert. He lives to conquer the world. Sometimes he’s hard to be around, but there are good days too. He loves black humour and good conversation. He can’t stand pigeonholing and the phrase “impossible”. If he gets down to something, it’s with 100% engagement. He doesn’t like plastic and low quality. He thinks that if the amplifier does not hum, it is not an amplifier and the microphone must definitely have sand in its sound.


photoshoot deer scarlet krystian by the window

Ten times calmer, although he speaks loudly. He seeks happiness and harmony. He hates lack of professionalism and commitment. Soon he will probably get his forehead tattoed. Sometimes he leaves everything and goes to the other end of Poland to save Bulldogs. He loves travelling and gadgets. That’s probably why in his stage gear there is only plastic. (Przemek wrote this sentence :))

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